Tell us what your MOS was, when you got out, and where you were stationed.

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67R...AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter out 7 Dec 02....stationed at Ft Sill, OK; Fort Hood, TX; Ft Eustis, VA; Korea (twice); Ft Gordon, GA
When I went in the Army (1960), my MOS was 632.10 (Tank/Automotive Mechanic) It was later 632C20. When I was appointed Warrant Officer (1969), my MOS changed to 631A (Automotive Maintenance Technician). I was later awarded an additional MOS of 762A (Supply Technician) in 1976..
11B40/11C40...........Bravo Co. , 2nd Batt., 18th Inf. Reg., 1st Infantry Division.....Iron Triangle, North of Saigon.
Landed in country on 5 Sept 1968 and left with the BRO colors on 14 March 1970
My MOSs are 95B MP, 00B Deep Sea Diver, 97L Translator (Spanish) and 92G Cook. Got off active duty in 1985. I was stationed at Ft. Eustis, VA, Korea (twice 1979-980 (MP) and 1983-1985 (Diver)), and Ft. Leavenworth, KS (MP). In CA Reserves, 63rd RSC, 6252 USAH, 272nd Linguist Co., 372nd MI BN.
I am currently a 38B Civil Affairs NCO. My MOS before that was a 21B Combat Engineer. I am still on active Duty here at lovely Ft Bragg. I have been stationed at Ft Jackson SC, Ft Hood TX, Ft Drum NY, Bamberg GER. Camp Howze Korea, and Ft Bragg, NC
In 1986 to 1996 I was a 95B20 Military Police. in 1997 I became a 96B20 Intel analyst. As an MP. I was a tower rat in germany. A garrison MP at Ft. Myer Va. A traffic accident investigator and SRT team leader in Ft. Greely AK. and Garrison MP and Security NCO in Hanua Germany. When I joined the Guard, I was an Intel Analyst in the 116th RAOC, a Liason MP in the 116th RAOC, an Intel analyst in the SODPAC, an Intel Analyst/Operations Sergeant in the 156th IO. and last but not least the first sergeant for HHC 56th IO Group.
I was 11b and served in Nam 69-70. Americal Div. 11th brg. I was tty'ed to Saigon with the 716th M.P. unit for a couple of months(short timer thing). Served the last 6 months at Ft. Carson, Co. If any of you Nam Vets are looking for a website, this is a good one. Go to; . This site covers most branches of the services that were there, so it is not just Army. Americal also has a site too. Later, / DMC/ARMY/Grunt'69 VFW Post #5327 . Check out our website, We host the "Run For The Wall" riders(have done for over 20 years now). "Welcome Home"
Hope to see some of you at the Wentzville,Mo. VFW Post # 5327 " For the, "Run For The Wall" Event. Around 400-500 of the rider's meet/eat,and gather here. Wentzville has the first, "Vietnam Memorial in the Nation". Check out our Post website photo's. They have done this for over 20 years. I have pictures for at least 10 years. If you were there, there might be a picture of you. They come the week before "Memorial Day". "Welcome Home", DMC/ARMY/Grunt'69
11H1P June 2001 Ft.Bragg, NC 2/504th (active duty), Currently 31B2 St.Clair Mo (national guard)
I had two MOS when I got out. I was a 68H10X1 Pneudraulics Repairer with Apache Skill Identifier and a 68B10W5 Turbine Engine Repairer with OH-58D Skill Identifier. I was stationed at Ft. Drum, NY and also In Germany.
I started in July of 1986 as a 95B (MP) In 1989 I Q9 Qualifier (Traffic Accident Investigator) and did that for four years. In 1991 I got my SRT qualification (Special Response Team) and was the team leader for two years. Deployed to Croatia/Bosnia in 1995 and got out of active duty in 1996. Joined the Washington National Guard in 1997 and became a 96B Intel Analyst. Bounced back and forth from MP assignments and Intel assignments till 2003, Deployed with the Special Operations Detachment Pacific to Djibouti Africa in support of OEF as an Intel Section NCOIC. Transferred to Information Operations in 2004 as a BN operations Sergeant and Acting Sergeant Major for two years. I was then Promoted to First Sergeant and Assumed the position as Group First Sergeant for the IO group till retirement in 2007. Was a fun fulfilling career. Was able to travel and live in Germany. See Japan, Australia, Hungary, France and a host of other locations thanks to the military.


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