Wass wondering how many have seen this and what thier thoughts are. Basically its the VFW supporting the Ladies in whatever they want to change thier eligibility requirements to include men and to make ONE AUXILIARY.

While I applaud the Ladies Aux in thier endeavors I do not think combining will help either organization

WE passed a resolution to try and get a Life membership. It passed the Post and was to be taken to DEPT. Asked other MAs to push for it and some submitted thier own resolutiion. Ours was lost by Dept but another Post got thiers thru. Was brought up at Convention and during discussion resolution 302 was brought up. So while Post membership voted to support ours and the one that was put on the floor the delegates in attendance shot it down to support 302 with only 2 argueing to keep us seperate. Makes me feel the last 10yrs fighting for the MA was for naught.

Was also told that we could not have a Life Membership without Dept or National Men's Aux; but was not given a referance for this requirement from National


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The combination of the Men's and Ladies Auxiliary would simply signal the death notice of the Men's Auxiliary.   Like your self David I have all the respect for the Ladies and what has been accomplished through that organization.  The Ladies Auxiliary is set up differently than the Men's Auxiliary and the VFW itself.  The structure that I have seen throughout Michigan is more guided by that of the VFW.  I truly believe that if it is ever determined that the MA and LA have to form one Auxiliary that the ideals put forward within the MA will be lost for a long time to come.  Basically because it would be an even more uphill battle to fight against their structure and current programs - also you will now have to fight and claw for officers position to even make any gains.  

A forced merger would be very wrong.  Mens Auxiliaries are doing quite well in some Departments where they have been nurtured to grow.  It is a few Depts that will not allow Mens Auxiliaries to be chartered by posts that are behind this push to force a merger.  I strongly feel that most Ladies Auxiliaries are also against the merger.

The MA in Graham Tx,, Thinks that if we were to merge with there LA auxiliary would be ill advised at this time. We are totally different then the LA. The Men that come into the MA have a lot different  goals they want to meet for youth and Community. If we have a LA member that is hurt or out for surgery purposes we the MA will go mow clean up yards and put our trade skills to work to help them. So let the MA do what we do best serve the Vetrans in the way we can by doing the hot and hard work..And I cannot understand why we can't have a Life Membership.Why don't the VFW ask the Post that has MA how well they serve there Post and what they do to help there Post.


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