Just wondering what other Auxiliaries or Posts do to raise funds ?

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I know when I was with 9283 we held an annual Golf Outing which basically made our year's budget.  Then held a bowling tournament, couple of Texas Hold'em tourny's...My current post of 4553 have done raffles, 50/50 at Post events.  The first question I would have for you regarding fundraising would be A. Are you a new Auxiliary or established with a budget already?  This makes a difference on how far you want to extend yourself.  I know during the golf outing's the Sr. Vice and myself (as President) put a lot out of pocket to get things done.

No,not new Chris.We chartered in 2007.I'm always looking for new ideas though to keep things interesting.

If the government and the VA took care of our veterans and their families like they shouild be doing and the multi-billion dollar corporations chipped in, there would be no need for poverty stricken and poor people to fundraise to help them. We need to go after the VA,the corporations and the government instead.

Ed, Aux. 3320 here in Ohio does a steak dinner once a month. Throw in a raffle or two throughout the year. A motorcycle Poker Run and a Comedy show. This covers our budget for the year.

Hello Ed are Post Men's due a benefit concert , a raffle of tv camera and computer and a pig roast picnic to raise funds for the auxiliary and veteran causes. hope this helps Past President J Hurley

Basically it depends on your members interests. The golf tournament works well for some, I don't golf so I won't put one on. WE do a Bowl a Thon for the VFW Nat'l Home for Children and you can do it for any purpose. Holding Raffles that will pay for themselves thru sales work well. Putting on meals works depending on how many participants your post has. My post usually only has has 15-25 for a dinner; but what do you plan for and what # are u going to use to break even on costs. In our case the raffles and bowl-a-thon are our main moneymakers.


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