"All-State" is entirely too dependent on membership and not enough weight is given to veteran, youth, or community programs.  Perform one veteran program and the post is good for that category, likewise with one NMS program,  one VOD and one PP entry from one school counts as much as multiple entries from several schools,  one mention of POW/MIA day gets the full credit for that as well.  A post can do the bare minmum and "buy" membership and make "All-State" which is not fair to the posts that earn membership the honest way and work multiple programs for veterans and the community.  Any discussion on this subject?

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Membership is important I agree but it is not the total of what a post is or does. If a post is doing what one should be doing in the community and for veterans membership is not an issue because new members will be recruited easier and current members wont be dropping out.
The $25 minimum for the VSO fund is ridiculous and I agree with at least $4 per head for All State requirements. I disagree with the NMS programs. I cannot get Operation Uplink cards anymore so why should we donate to it. WE had need three years ago for a member of the community that needed the "Unmet Needs" program and were refused and as far as donating money so other posts can sponsor parties and gain membership, not on my watch. If a post wants to bite off having a party for troops then they should be able to afford it.. We work too hard for our money to give it to the lazy
The requirement for attending District meetings is a joke as anyone form the post qualifies to give the post credit. It needs to be the Commander or SR or Jr Vice not just any member. And then the CDR better miss just one.
I feel a donation to National Home should be included in the requirements.
Sharing VOD/PP with other posts is not fair to those posts who hustle the programs in their area.
Like I said "All State" requirements are entirely too lax except for membership. cCmplete the membership requirements and do the minimum and it is a given. It should be a harder contest but if the 'bar' is raised too high then lazy posts wont even bother trying to retain/recruit membership .
Changes are a comin my friend. I appreicate the input.


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