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"Tears of a Warrior" Offers Hope and Healing to Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Returning war veterans may face a multitude of physical and mental challenges. Veterans' families are often unprepared to deal with a family member who may experience nightmares, feelings of detachment, irritability, trouble concentrating, and sleeplessness. These are some of the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).… Continue

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THE WISDOM OF WARRIORS PAST Even in the most devastating and pain-filled moments, we have an opportunity to learn something about ourselves, our world, and the human spirit. Attending the Purple Heart National Convention in Rogers, Arkansas provided an enormous volume of proof supporting this statement. The group was a moving, living sea of purple where great amounts of blood was given in service to our country. Veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and a… Continue

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Many of you have asked for a copy of Jan's "Angels of Steel". Here it is... On May 15, the National Veterans Awareness Ride participants visited the VA Hospital in Cheyenne. The ride begins in California and culminates in Washington DC on Memorial Day in remembrance of all MIAs, POWs, and Veterans who have served their country. Tony & Jan Seahorn were honored as guest speakers. Following is a poem that Jan wrote and… Continue

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District 8 Dept of Ky. VFW Washington DC WW II Trip

August 20 , 2009

Trip of a life time , It was for about a hundred or so Veterans of WW II .After our flight for August of this year was cancelled due to lack of funds , Brian Duffy and others went on the prowl and got funds and donations and pulled off a major battle and won . I just hope we continue to do so until all the WW II Vets. that want to and are able to go see their Memorial do so .In our District 8 , Commander Charles Costello collected over $ 10,000.00 from from our local… Continue

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I'm looking for a friend of mine how would I find him his name is Harold D. smith
last address was Jackson miss. we were in Vietnam 24th tranes. Co.1969 1970
would like any help I could get.

Thinks a friend George

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A Huge Thank You! National Convention in Photos

On behalf of VFW WebCOM I'd like to publicly thank HF "Rick" House III (Jarhead) and William "Knoot" Knudson for their efforts in helping me capture the 2009 National Convention in photos. Both of these great individuals was kind enough to provide me (and you) with hundreds of great photos of the convention.

To see all of our photos, I… Continue

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Ask Secretary Gates a question

Secretary of Defense Gates, and Adm Mullen Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and using the internet for questions.
Now is a good time to ask Sec. Gates do you approve and will you issue a Cold War Victory Medal this year?
The website to ask on is here

Jerald Terwilliger
Acting Chairman
American Cold War Veterans, Inc.

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District 8 Dept. of Ky. Family Day

About 3 years ago Commander Jimmy Lutrell of Post 6097 started a family day where you can bring your children and Grandchildren and still conduct regular District Meeting and it is getting popular with the members . I think the VFW as a whole we are going to have to be more Family Orientated , the younger Veterans have children , so for them to attend VFW functions we have to include children and spouses more , anyway this is a positive step foward… Continue

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VFW should turn their backs on Obama's speech!

I will be sorely disappointed if there is not a visible rejection of Obamacare at the National Convention. As a disabed Vietnam Vet, I avoided the Veterans organizations because all I saw was a lot of liquer being consumed, cheaply! I finally joined the American Legion, as they issued a policy condemning Illegal immigration, and have actually made some headway. If the VFW wants more members, I suggest you do the same and start standing against the "socialization of America" …


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Social Networking Tips: "HowDoEye" Share Files & Documents

How to share files:

File Store Box / Online Storage Option

1) Find a online file store (Box.Net, , etc.)

2) Set it up as an open store to friends or group members, or net / VFW community member or even anybody if the material is in the public domain.

3) Get embed code from online store box (Ctrl-C copy), and paste the code into any Text box that… Continue

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The Miss Red, White & Blue Pageant - Prescott, Arkansas

I've started a pageant this year for girls in Arkansas that are between 2 and 21 and are the daughter, grand-daughter, step-daughter, sister or step-sister of a United States Veteran. This pageant also includes a written competition. You can find out more information here:

Miss Red, White & Blue Pageant

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Twitter Carries VFW's Message World Wide

And how

EVERYONE should learn to use the

#VFW Hash tag.

Even get your teenager, children, friends, and grandchildren to use it when they Tweet!

*SteppingOnAmmoBox* to speak! Aka a *warning* that I am stepping onto my Soap-box,

or rather, I'm going to use this temporary platform (

MyBlog) to make an impromptu or nonofficial public speech on a topic we all know is very important; making… Continue

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Sunday Driving

I had been stressed this week. Tests where unending, professor's where demanding, the deadline for the research papers were approaching, and I had a hard time balancing my schedule and keeping up with the requirements. I thought things would be better once Saturday arrived but that was not to be.

When Saturday came, it was family issues. My parents both wanted me to do some… Continue

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