Men's Auxiliary, soon to be a thing of the past??

I am very intrigued and concerned regarding the rumors that the Men's Auxiliary of the VFW is going to be done away with.  I know from just my state, (Colorado) and district, that the "Men's Auxiliary" is another support vessel for the Post and does great things for it.  I have heard rumors of why this is possibly taking place and honestly it makes me sick to my stomach to hear the reasons why this may be happening.  To do away with it and/or merge it with the Ladies Auxiliary take away from everything that the founding members of the Men's Auxiliary worked to achieve to there own charter.  I would like to know what any and all Post, Ladies Auxiliary, and of course Men's Auxiliary members have to say regarding this.

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Comment by james edward herring on July 20, 2015 at 6:16pm

I have been a Men's Auxiliary member since my post first got its charter. I have been very active in fundraisers and other events that help support the members of my VFW. I feel that the Men's Auxiliary has helped save our local post with their support. But I feel that by merging the Men's and Ladies Auxiliary will be a travesty. It is obvious that the Ladies Auxiliary does not want men to become members, and I support that. They should not be forced to give up control of their organization that they have worked hard for. And the same can be said about Men's Auxiliaries every where. It is obvious that many VFW post would close and no longer exist without the support of BOTH Men's and Ladies Auxiliary, so I say let them continue to help separately. To merge them will take away a lot from each organization.

Comment by Charles E. Williams on January 30, 2015 at 7:37pm

Hello Mr. Kelley I am a post quartermaster and have been so for about 4 years. Reason why? just like most post around the nation and overseas our membership is old and no longer is as active just recently within the past few years. Ladies Auxiliary is not exempt from this as well the power struggle, now only in the Ladies Auxiliary is hurting recruitment and the younger recruits are not participating because of this thus rendering them not effective at the post. Now in saying this OUR Men's Auxiliary are very active and without them cooking for us, having fundraisers and donating to the post when asked by the Commander this is a breath of fresh air.

    I cannot speak for other post and there take on the Men's Auxiliary but I am sure my post is not unique in this situation. This Ladies Auxiliary vs. Men's Auxiliary in my opinion is not a very professional way the organization is recognizing the contributions of both auxiliaries. If the post could survive on membership only then why are there auxiliaries? If I want to take my wife or significant other to a convention that is support enough for me or a buddy (Men's Auxiliary). Let's look towards the future because right now my membership (even though recruitment has been good) is fading away thanks for reading.

Charles QM

Comment by Iris Joe Kelley on January 24, 2015 at 8:54am

The by-law changes to do away with the Mens Auxiliary and to open the Ladies Auxiliary to male membership has been defeated numerous times at National Convention.  Last year they tried a new tactic since they ant get it done honestly.  A resolution was passed to work with the National Ladies Auxiliary to make proposal that would work.  The Ladies Auxiliary once again defeated it.  I would think that that action would nullify the passed resolution but some still think that it is current and a done deal.  It still must pass a by-law change at National Convention.  I am against the changes at this time.  To help fight it campaign in your dept with those that are going to attend the National Convention and ask them to vote against it.  The entire continuous movement has been from Depts/States that have refused to allow posts in their territory to charter Mens Auxiliaries.  That is the by-law that needs changed.  The one giving Depts/States the power to prevent them from being formed.

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