So over 3 year's of being President of Men's Aux at Post 8567 in Graham,Texas and all the Officers that have served proudly under me, This is all coming to and end and we will now be known as Auxiliary, ok we will have to fill out new applications, and then we have to get accepted in to Auxiliary this don't bother me but how many men will join this Auxiliary. I for one will fill out new application so we can keep doing the work we have done for our Veterans in the past.We can stand side by side(Women and Men) and still proudly do work and fund raisers to support our Post and the Veterans of this Post and other Post and Veterans that have sacrificed so much for us I urge all Auxiliary's to stand and be counted in this new endeavor. I am a US Veteran and proud to do my part to keep our VFW'S going, with our help we can support the People, Veterans, VFW Post through out the United States and make our young Veterans coming home from War Proud!

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Comment by David A Kacal on January 26, 2016 at 10:19am
Sorry, first time using my phone for this. There are 2 resolutions being worked on now to be brought up at Nat'l convention. Their purpose is to disband the MA. Found we (the men) must provide proof of eligibility again, and that our time served so far ( for me 12 yrs) will start over at 0 and that's my biggest issue. Like others my MA has worked hard to try and build the organization, support the vfw and our post, the vfw programs and our veterans and now have to think those years didn't matter irks my a__
Comment by Charles Rohrbacher on October 19, 2015 at 1:03am
The Men Aux has did a fine job of supporting our Post. Without them, l do not know how how we would have stayed solvent. We have many questions regarding this decision and purpose.
Comment by Norbert Paul Mueggenborg on August 18, 2015 at 8:32am

That makes sense Iris Joe, but the State Commander told us to get ready and to take steps now, you our right about Men's Aux at this time we can still operate as usual and we can still keep our money. But we need to jump on board now for the new Auxiliary this will allow us to be Life Members and have a better say in whats going on. The Men's  Aux had very few items at the VFW store and could not be Life Members'

Comment by Iris Joe Kelley on August 18, 2015 at 7:55am

The Mens Auxiliary was not touched.  You may go on performing as a Mens Auxiliary.  The only change that was voted on at National Convention was the name change from Ladies Auxiliary to Auxiliary and that males may now join the new Auxiliary.  No doubt that the Mens will be destroyed in the future but as of now they are untouched.

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