What makes the Marine Corps The Marine Corps, Is The Corpsman

Having been one of the Chosen Few: A US Marine and having been severely wounded in Nam, like so many before me in all conflicts, combat, war or how ever you care to phrase it many of us know only too well that,

What makes the Marine Corps The Marine Corps, Is The Corpsman

"What if No One Would Hear ‘Corpsman up!’" or "Medic Up"

Each and Every Marine is familiar with the phrase “Corpsman up,” The only two words that any Marine never want to hear and the only two words that may bring fear to a Marine. A phrase which is not unusual being that the phrase has been screamed by thousands of Marines, from a multitude of generations after generations, in wars waged through trenches, jungles, cities, deserts and mountains.

But what should Marines of today do if a comrade goes down and the Corpsman gets injured, or if there is simply not a Corpsman around to hear the phrase “Corpsman up?” What should a Marine of today do and how would the motor transport driver or the food service specialist or in that fact any Marine react when all they know is the basics of being a rifleman and the fundamentals of their jobs?

An individual corpsman can only effectively treat one to three Marines at any one time. Any more than that, would be stretching a thin line in the much need life saving care, and the casualty’s chance of survival will be decreased,” Because of this, Marines need to know the basic life-saving procedures that have been proven to save lives in a combat environment.”

During Sept. 30-Oct. 3, of this year a Combat Life Saver Course was taught to a group of Marines from the 2nd Marine Logistics Group the answers to potential questions they could face on today’s battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan and further training may be given to all combat ready Marines. This new course does just that; it’s designed to teach Marines what they need to know in order to save the life of a comrade when their “life-lines” are injured, or indisposed treating other service members. In less than a one week, the Marines learn everything from treating for hemorrhages, burns, shock, broken bones and breathing obstructions, to performing evacuation procedures, administering intravenous therapy and providing care while under fire.

Since February 2008. This course has been taught, conducted for more than 1,664 hour of training. There now has been hundreds of Marines come through the halls of 2nd Medical to learn all of the basic knowledge involved in emergency medical care with more than 500 deploying Marines being trained since February of this year, It has been a good first step for those Marines with an in-depth familiarization with the most common battlefield injuries that are killing people such as collapsed lungs, arterial bleeding, obstructed airways,”

As casualities increase with our war on terror; Marines need to tend to their own when they have no other choice. the need for Marines who are trained as emergency medics has to increase as well. Not only Marines need to be trained in the basics of life saving combat related emergencies, but this should be a training process of all, in any branch of our service. Again, no matter what branch of the service they may serve. All need the training, and as more people are trained with treating others, more lives will be saved. If a Corpsman or any other Medic were to ever be injured on the battlefield, they would hope that a Marine, Soldier, Sailor or Airman out there with them would have the knowledge necessary to save their life.

With this training of Marines more lives can be saved and with the expansion of training to Soldiers, Airman and Sailors even more can and will be saved. I for one am more that glad to learn of this new training in my Beloved Marine Corps and hope that it will continue to develop and, I will always have the highest of honor and respect for Our Corpsmen and all medics in the field of combat

God Bless Our Corpsmen, God Bless Our Medics

Robert Cody "The Grunt"
“Death Before Dishonor”

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