Cigars for Our Heroes in Uniform Serving In Iraq and Afghanistan

Cigars for Heroes provides premium, quality cigars to our heroes in uniform serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you have a loved one serving and would like to send your gift directly to them, please call 877-249-1510 or email Anyone who has ever served in military service knows that a quality, premium cigar is one of the very few luxury items that can be enjoyed while deployed in harms way. Come and join us in supporting our heroes in uniform deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan with fine, premium quality cigars each month.
Supporters can send their gift of premium, quality hand-rolled cigars shipped directly to our fighting men and women on the battlefield in Iraq, Afghanistan. Show your support today. When you support
Cigars for Heroes, you are assigned a platoon, rifle company, or squadron that your cigars are sent to. We work closely with the military chain of command and Family Readiness officers to get your cigars directly into the hands of the troops. We work to provide a channel of communication that connects you with your unit, platoon, or squadron. Share in the victories and the celebrations with your fellow heroes in military uniform. Support
Cigars for Heroes today!
Your $29.00 donation includes
The Field Pack. The “Field Pack” consists of 5 Premium rolled cigars, shipped and stored in a Spanish cedar box with a cigar cutter and box of cigar matches included. * Your
$79.00 donation includes
The Unit Pack. A 20 pack box of high quality cigars sent in a Spanish cedar box with a cutter and box of matches included with every box. * Write a Note to a Hero Each box you donate is shipped with your personalized message inserted and addressed to a solider, airman, sailor or marine. You write it. We send it!

Cigars For Heroes supports the fighting US Marines stationed in Taqaddum, Iraq. Seen here enjoying premium cigars from Cigars for Heroes.
"The cigars arrived late yesterday. They look great. We will be having a small get together on Saturday evening to watch football and smoke with our fake beer. I will have my camera out and will get some group shots. Can you shoot me some emails so I can thank each contributor individually? What ever you think would be the best way to express our collective appreciation. By the way we will be watching Navy take on the Ohio State University. The line is Twenty two but anything can happen just ask Michigan. Thanks again and I will continue to spread the word." Semper Fidelis, 'Hank' M M Mancini Col USMC
With portions of proceeds,
Cigars for Heroes supports the Wounded Warrior Program

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