Something to consider with the proper wear of the VFW Cover....

Rules About the VFW Cover

It seems there are a lot of comments about wanting to wear ball caps and other headgear at VFW Functions. We often hear; “Well, its in the By Laws”.

 The reply ; “WHERE!!!”


In a very under read section – The VFW Ritual, General Rules, Page 3; (d) Official caps will be the only head covering allowed to be worn at regular meetings of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.


This Rule ties in with all the other Rules and Regulations of the entire Veterans of Foreign Wars with the Membership Initiation Oath; Page 23 ; I do further solemnly promise and declare that I will comply with the Congressional Charter, By-Laws and Ritual of this order, and I will always be loyal thereto, that  I will never wrong or defraud this organization, nor a member thereof, nor permit any wrong to be done to either, if in my power to prevent it.


This is further enforced with Sec 218, MOP, Officers Duties, 1, Commander; l. Comply with and perform all of the duties required by the laws and usages of this organization, the provisions of these By-Laws, the Manual of Procedure and Ritual and Department, District, County Council (if applicable) or Post By-Laws pertaining to the duties and obligations of a Post Commander and lawful orders from proper authority and perform such other duties as are usually incident to the office. Failure without just cause to perform these duties may result in removal from office.

All the other Officers have statements in their duties to follow proper authority.


The By Laws and Ritual and other rules as issued from all levels falls under the Jurisdiction of By Laws, Article 9, Section 902; 2. Failure to fulfill the obligations taken at time of application and admission or the obligations taken upon installation of any office. And,  4. Disobedience or disregard of the provisions of the Congressional Charter, By-Laws (at all levels), Manual of Procedure, Ritual, General Orders or any other laws and usages of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States or any order of the Commander-in-Chief.


So many rulings on such a simple matter. Yet, let other matters build with it and systemic failures will indeed continue to build until Post Failure is almost assured to occur.


The simple example of our Cover can be used as an example to remind all of the By Laws and its usage. What becomes easier; to properly instruct a post at this stage, or keep the blind eye on them to watch for the break downs to start as many of us have seen.

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