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I just want to ask all post commanders , to do there best to raise monies for Honor Flight before it is to late .Time is running out for our heroes WW I I Veterans . Here in Kentucky we had to cancel a flight because of lack of funds . This should never happen . We owe these Guys this .I will admit when I came home from Vietnam they did not give us the respect we should have got and we never fit in with them because we lost the war . Later on they realized we did not lose nothing and they started to except us now they are our best friends . Just think if they had not fought and won we would be under the German or Japenese Impire today , there is only twice that the enemy has entered American soil W.W. I I and the war on Terror 9/11/ 2009 . We all as Veterans have done our job now it is time to pay these guys back . With the Honor Flight and as soon as possible and a Welcome home all for all returning Iraq and Afgan. vets . I want to thank Our Senior Vice Commander and District 8 Commander Charles Costello who in the last two weeks has collected over $ 6000.00 and more to come for Honor Flight just by going to individuals and bussinesses in our small town of about 1500 people , If he can do it here just imagine what you guys can do in a town of over 700,000 just a dollar or two will help . Once we get all the WW II veterans taken to D.C. They will work on Korean Vets , and Vietnam Vets to see their Memmorial only if we can stay sucessful it is up to us . Thanks , Paul Wayne Kirby Post 6281 QuarterMaster District Eight Service Officer Vietnam Veteran 1968-69

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Comment by Paul Wayne Kirby on August 12, 2009 at 12:35pm
District Commader Charles Costello 8th District Kentucky has collected over $10,000.00 now and continues to do so just in a small community Edmonton Ky. , we all can do the same . The August Flight that was once canceled is now two for August , Commader Costello was not the only one , but he helped greatly , a special thanks goes to Brian Duffy without him none of this could be possible also those who reached deep in their pockets and gave .Thanks from all of us .

Wayne Kirby

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